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Uncle Sun Ginseng Cordyseps Chicken Soup (90g) 人参虫草鸡汤

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Ingredients: Ginseng, Astragalia, Frustus Lycii, Radix Codonopsis, Pilasulae, Veg. cordyseps, Rhizoma Diosoreae, Polyganathum, Special Herbs & Seasoning Recipe.


1. Boil 3 litre (6 bowls) of water. 

2. Add chicken or meat with a pack of Uncle Sun Ginseng Cordyseps Chicken Soup. (do not open the Herbs Powder Mix packet) 

3. Simmer approximately 2 - 2.5 hours until the meat is tender. 

Storage condition: Store in refrigerator. 

Shelf life: 2 years