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Rabbit, Bear & Hello Kitty Rice Mold Moon Cake Mold Bento mold

RM 10.00

Name: Set of 3 cartoon sushi rice balls

Size: 54X60X42mm 50X55X42mm 60X51X42mm

Shape: HELLO KITTY / Miffy Rabbit / Bear Baby 3

Color: pink, yellow, blue
Packing boxes
Heat-resistant temperature: -20 ℃ ~ + 100 ℃

How to use: Fill the cooked rice, vegetables and vegetables into the tank (it is easy to demold with a little sesame oil on the mold before using it), cover the other half of the mold, set, and then remove the rice balls. According to their own tastes, they can make full use of their imagination to make various delicious sushi.

When your baby is anorexic and eats very slowly, when you want to chase him around, try to make the meal into a cute shape to stimulate his interest. You must eat up the meal soon ~

I also tried to change my mood at the time of eating, and enjoyed the delicious meal happily and romantically.

Japanese style super material, safe and non-toxic, animal shape adds a cute feeling, there are three different shapes, HelloKitty, bear, bunny, can fully show your creativity and talents, is the first choice to enjoy kitchen DIY and parent-child activities at home!