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Cookies Biscuit Mold

RM 15.00

This biscuit mold can make the embellishment pattern of the center of the biscuit while engraving the shape of the biscuit.

Chocolate or jam can be put in the center pattern of the depression to make cookies with filling.

* The product contains a total of 4 shapes of rabbit, bear, love and stars, and 8 molds in 2 groups.
* If the material is left in the mold, please pull it out slowly with a toothpick.

The use of molds on the front and back sides can achieve 16 models, which can meet the requirements of making multiple cookie cookies.

* The product comes with a recipe (Japanese) developed by pastry designer Minako Shimoi.

Ingredients: ABS resin (heat resistance temperature: about 80 ℃)

Product size: large

Heart shape & Star: width 4.5 × height 4.5

Bear & Rabbit: 6cm

small Heart / Star: Width 3.5 × Height 3.5

Bear \ Rabbit: 4.5 Height 2.5cm

Weight: large

Heart shape \ Star (about) 12g

Bear \ Rabbit (approximately) 14g


Heart / Star Bear, Rabbit (approximately) 8g

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