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Baking Tool DIY Yellow Bear Sandwich Toast Bread Mould Cutter

RM 6.00

Material: PP


Size: about 90mm from ear to ear, about 80mm from the top of the head to the chin, and about 30mm thick (the maximum dimensions of the outer diameter of the product are marked)


Color: yellow

Weight: 45g

Heat-resistant temperature: 120 ℃

Cold resistance temperature: -20 ℃

Packing: single box


【Product Features】

1. The material is safe and meets the requirements of food production materials;

2. No odor, smooth and no burrs;

3. The shape is cute and attractive.


【Instructions for use】

1. Choose 2 soft slices of bread, so that it is easy to shape, or put the slices of bread in the microwave to heat for a while and then press (500W for about 3 seconds);

2. Add the fillings to the two slices of bread, the fillings can be played at will (chocolate sauce, jam, salad dressing, peanut butter, butter, cheese, etc.), the filling should not be too much, otherwise it will overflow and cannot be suppressed;

3. Turn the mold face up, then press firmly on the 2 slices of bread with the filling;

4. Get rid of the surrounding bread, it can be in the shape of a bear;

5. The bear's eyes, nose, and mouth are painted with jam pen / chocolate pen / blanket pen.

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