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Aluminium Tart Mold (10 pcs) - Reuseable

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product information

[Name] chrysanthemum cup egg tart mold
[Specification] diameter 7.2CM, lower diameter 5CM, high 2.4CM
[Material] Aluminum
[Surface Treatment] anode (clean, hygienic, non-toxic, baking effect, high efficiency)
[Applications] egg tarts, jelly, pudding and a variety of small cakes and so on.

1, when the first time, need to first clean the inside, then warm fire drying, before oil use;
2, each time after the completion of baking, use a soft cloth or soft plastic scraper, the appliance will be left in the residue cleaned;
3, each used for a period of time, preferably with warm water and add a small amount of neutral detergent with a soft cloth and the residue within the appliance thoroughly cleansed;
4, anode baking mold temperature below 250 degrees, can extend the service life;
5, the anode mold should avoid uneven heating;
6, non-air burning anode mold

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